Global Warming: A George Will Harrumph

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Will says there is no man made global warming, and that it is all going to be OK? All the scientific warming measurements for 2008 are inconsequential? And he is called the most influential writer in America?

By Larry Ray / The Rag Blog / January 22, 2009

I sometimes read Newsweek magazine’s back page column by George F. Will because he can be a fine writer. In 1977, Will won a Pulitzer Prize for Commentary. Heretofore, I usually have been only mildly irritated by his generally conservative timbre and his trademark tendency toward sesquipedalian prose. But with his PhD from Princeton and his M.A. from Oxford, he instinctively must scatter about long, generally unfamiliar words like journalistic territorial scent marks on the page. Will has been called, perhaps “ … the most influential writer in America” by the Washington Post writers group. And that is what troubles me.

Will’s recent column in the January 26th edition of Newsweek see-saws between tepid stamps of approval for George W. Bush’s spare positive moves, and a final verbal lashing for his incompetence and failed leadership. His latest column artfully winds its way through his assessments of the name, “Operation Iraqi Freedom,” to the failures of hurricane Katrina disaster assistance, the failed Supreme Court nomination of Harriet Miers, and then in a seeming involuntary, uncontrollable Tourette Syndrome burst of keyboard tapping, this paragraph is awkwardly forced into the column:

Within the lifetimes of most Americans now living, today’s media-manufactured alarm about man-made global warming might be an embarrassing memory. The nation will then be better off because Bush—during whose administration the embarrassing planet warmed not at all—refused to be stampeded toward costly “solutions” to a supposed crisis that might be chimerical, and that, if real, could be adapted for considerably less cost than will be sunk in efforts at prevention.

Wait, did I just read that? Yep. Will says there is no man made global warming, and that it is all going to be OK? All the scientific warming measurements for 2008 are inconsequential? And he is called the most influential writer in America?

Will chooses his words carefully. He qualifies his claims with “man-made,” “supposed crisis” and “if real,” all code that positions him way to the right. But then he suggests the supposed crisis “might be chimerical” (imagine your own mythical fire-belching she-goat animal made from mismatched body parts) to remain true to his logocentrism, while leaving a door open for maybe, kinda, sorta some kind of climate change. The derailing of his column’s train of thought from reviewing Bush’s two-term presidency to suddenly, jarringly pitching his denial of global warming is what troubles me.

Ultraconservative eagerness to jump on most any convenient juicy liberal-bashing rumor and rush it to press showed itself, sadly, in Will’s Washington Post column this past June when he wrote that “Drilling is underway 60 miles (97 km) off Florida. The drilling is being done by China, in cooperation with Cuba, which is drilling closer to South Florida than U.S. companies are.” Dick Cheney, and GOP House leader, John Boehner both cited the same wild claim to the press, wanting to believe the right wing fiction. All three were forced to offer retractions after Democats and energy experts pointed out the gross error. But the egg had already dried on their faces by then.

A little more poking around shows that George F. Will is, in fact, a darling of man-made global warming denier web sites like who declare they are, “dedicated to debunking, reviewing, and responding to the shrill cries of the media and the global warming zealots who have embraced anthropogenic global warming (AGW) as an eco-religion and not as a scientific endeavor for answers.” I wonder if Will wrote that paragraph for their web site? Most folks just say manmade instead of anthropogenic.

All the debunkers hate Al Gore with a frightening, almost pathological stridency. The professed belief that carbon dioxide has nothing to do with global warming is almost like a secret fraternity handshake among rabid ultraconservatives. In a December 29th, 2007 column Will wrote, “Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize that should have gone to nine-time Grammy winner Sheryl Crow, who proposed saving the planet by limiting—to one—”how many squares of toilet paper can be used in any one sitting.”

And from that strange, tasteless toilet paper comparison, Will also has sweepingly minimized concerns of the world’s top atmospheric and environmental scientists with observations like, “The warming that is reasonably projected might be problematic, although not devastating, for the much-fretted-about polar bears, but it will be beneficial for other species. The Arctic Climate Impact Assessment anticipates increasing species richness.”

George’s father, Frederick L. Will, was a professor of philosophy, and specialized in epistemology, at the University of Illinois. Ironically, Will certainly must know that epistemology is the investigation of what distinguishes justified belief from opinion. Today Will sadly seems to be unable or unwilling to make that distinction in his writing.

[Retired journalist Larry Ray is a Texas native and former Austin television news anchor. He also posts at The iHandbill.]

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5 Responses to Global Warming: A George Will Harrumph

  1. Anonymous says:


    This is not the first time G.F. Will denies the threat of climate change.

    See for yourself over the last 2 years in Nesweek:
    – 8 Feb 2007 GF Will on Global warming
    – 12 Feb 2007 Inonvenient Kyoto Truths
    – 28 Jul 2008 another one
    – 16 dec 2008 The biofuel follies

    Influential or not, he has made it his “cause” to “debunk the myths” of global warming and he will not stop there!

  2. Thanks for doing deeper research on Will’s dark denial. I don’t understand this mentality. It is pervasive among the hard-core ultraconservative base. I guess if they all tee up together at the club and agree that the tooth fairy is actually real, in spite of knowing parents put the half dollar under the kid’s pillow, they eventually will believe kids magically get money when a tooth falls out. Makes as much sense as denying man made global warming to keep their energy company stocks from dropping in value. The irony is that this kind of thinking has actually already done in their stocks with no help from the tooth fairy! The subprime fairy came first.

    Keep smiling, Larry

  3. Sid says:

    Call me a liberal. Call me an intellectual. Call me a progressive. Call me a realist. And Call me a climate skeptic.

    We have only in the past few years even been able to grasp the simplest mechanisms of global climate… and immediately thereafter come up with ‘projections’ and ‘interpretations’ and ‘forecasts’ that are absolutely astounding in their righteousness… all the while there’s not a single climate ‘model’ that could have predicted today from all the real information of the past.

    I would ask all environmentalists and thinkers and scientists to review the track record of Paul Erlich, the Al Gore of the ’70’s. The following quote from his book “The Population Bomb” should give the modern chicken little’s pause:
    “In the 1970s and 1980s . . . hundreds of millions of people are going to starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now.”

    There are many more like that, but you get the picture… and amazingly, the man is still listened to by the same people who condemn GWBush for saying that there were WMD in Iraq. It seems to me that consistency is, if not a measure of good judgment, than at least the measure of honesty, and if we rightfully condemn the latter, so to should we judge the former.

    I would humbly suggest that people actually inform themselves through their own work about things such as solar winds, the ‘hockey stick’ of rising temperatures and rising sea levels before they rush to judgment. While there are indeed many very good reasons to stop using fossil fuels, rising CO2 levels leading to a calamitous rise in earth temperatures is most likely not one of them.


  4. And when you’ve got HOURS to check into this even further, here are enough links to read and form your opinion.

    Me? I’m as skeptical as hell – way too much money to be made in all of this; they’re always looking for ways to grab your money THROUGH FEAR….

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    The earth’s magnetic field impacts climate: Danish study

  5. Anonymous says:

    Excellent article by Mr. Ray. I have a special interest in the global warming debate having worked for the National Weather Service for over 37 years.

    Much of the controversy over global warming is a result of political viewpoints established years ago when Republicans controlled both houses of congress. It was a standing rule among the GOP that no bill that mentioned global warming would ever see the light of day.

    In the climate science research departments of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) gag orders were literally imposed on climate researchers by the Bush administration. Government climate scientists and their research papers were forbidden to mention climate change, nor could they even talk about threatened polar bear habitat as a result of earlier than normal melting of the polar ice due to global warming.

    It intrigues me that journalists of George Will’s (Princeton educated) caliber, an icon of conservative pundits, cites himself as an expert on meteorology, global warming and climate change.

    But, we have become accustomed to people like Rush Limbaugh and Karl Rove, neither of whom have a degree in anything, spouting nonsense that is accepted as gospel by the right wing sheep.

    The long term trend from 1880 to the present shows an absolute warming of both the oceans and the global atmosphere as well as the increasing rise in the ocean height levels.

    Yes, there are spikes in the 128-year trend line. The years when the average annual temperatures decrease, however, do not translate into an new Ice Age as the global warming deniers are all too willing to exploit to disprove global warming caused by increasing greenhouse gases.

    For all of George Will’s supposed education, he is no less a right wing ideologue than Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, Bill O’Reilly and others whose science illiteracy is exceeded only by their myopic brand of Republican political drivel.

    That is why they are the minority party today and mostly likely will remain that way for many more election cycles.

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