Global Warming Strikes Big Bear

Jim Otterstrom, over at Earth Home Garden writes about November temperature records for Big Bear, California. Although it may be possible that it is just a freakish November, more disturbing would be if this builds into a continuing, chronic pattern of temperature increases around the world. Sadly, it is not likely we will really know much before it’s simply too late.

Was Our November A Canary In A Coal Mine? How Hot Might It Get In The Next Few Decades? You Tell Me…


This IS a RANT!

…and not a very nice or funny one.

I knew we had an abnormally warm November here, I lived it, but the hair on the back of my neck stood up when I saw these Yahoo!/Weather Channel temperature charts!

If these numbers are accurate, and I’m assuming they are, we’ve just had one extremely freakish November.

In Big Bear City we surpassed our previous record high November temperature by 15° F.


And, not only that! We surpassed the previous November record of 74° on 22 of those 30 days, with seven days of 80°+ temps. And not one day of the month did we dip down to even the average low temp of 25°.

It was 89° on November 7th (88° on the 8th), fifty-five degrees above average, and just 5° shy of our all-time summer high of 94°.

Read the rest here.

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