Hillary and Barack on Trash Talkin’ Thursday

Hillary “Big Sister” Video Shills Neolib Obama
Tuesday March 20th 2007, 3:30 am

An Orwellian “anti-Hillary” video, posted on YouTube, a remix of Ridley Scott’s “Big Brother” Super Bowl commercial for Apple, supposedly represents “a watershed moment in 21st century media and political advertising,” according to Greg Mitchell, writing for Editor and Publisher. “It’s all there—the blank faces of the mind-controlled citizens; the ominous soldiers chasing the woman athlete; the ‘big brother’ spouting double-speak,” adds USA Today. “And after the woman athlete throws her sledge hammer through the huge screen where Clinton’s face is being shown, the commercial fades to the words ‘BarackObama.com.’”

In other words, for the Obama supporter who remixed this admittedly creative video, Hillary is the visage of “Big Sister,” while Obama represents… well, apparently, not Big Brother.

Obama, a Harvard graduate billed as the “rising star of the Democratic Party,” will not save us from Big Brother. In fact, Obama represents the new, freshly scrubbed face of Big Brother, as he is a Democratic Leadership Council favorite—he made the DLC “100 to Watch” list in 2003—and last November sojourned to the Council on Foreign Relations to pay homage.


It’s all neoliberal snake oil at the end of the day.

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