History Repeats Itself Endlessly

The Other Side Of Suez

Documentary on the Suez Crisis of 1956. Shows how history often repeats itself: ‘Sexed-up’ intelligence, assassination attempts, manufactured war – all to protect Western ‘interests’

Fear of dwindling oil supplies, a strategy of regime change, by-passing the U.N, and war based on suspect intelligence. Iraq 2003? No, Egypt 1956. Britain invades an Arab nation to overthrow a dangerous dictator. The Prime Minister predicts that a grateful population will welcome British troops with open arms. But he is wrong.

The Arabs fight their invaders. The Prime Minister is condemned at home and abroad. His true motives for war are revealed, his intelligence information is dodgy, he may even have lied to Parliament. He resigns, his achievements forgotten, his reputation forever associated with just one word: Suez.

Thanks to Information Clearing House for this material.

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