Hu’s on First? – P. Munak, courtesy K. Braun

Karl Rove: You could get some mileage out of a trip to China.
George W. Bush: Plenty of miles, all right.
R: I mean, get pictures of you with the President of China.
W: Who’s the president of China?
R: Yes, Hu’s the president of China. You’re learning.
W: How can I learn if you don’t tell me? Who’s the president of China?
R: Yes, and he’s shorter than you.
W: Who is?
R: That’s right. Each of you can give a short speech.
W: Who’s on first?
R: Yes.
W: You gotta answer my questions and stop foolin’ around.
R: Hu’s on first.
W. Well? You figure it out.
R. This’ll be the biggest news since the death of Arafat.
W: What’s-his-name Arafat?
R: Yassir.
W. Yes, but his first name?
R. Yassir.
W: Yes, sir, who?
R: No, no, you’re getting it confused. Not the Palestinian, the president of China. His name is Hu. H-U!
W: Who knew?
R: Not Nhu, he was in South Vietnam, and he’s dead, too.
W: Who, Hu?
R: No, Nhu.
W: Who knew?
R: Of course he did. He’s old enough.
W: What was Nhu’s other name?
R: Ngo (“nyo”) Dinh.
W. In my DEN? What’s in my den?
R: No, wats are in Tibet.
W: What’s in Tibet?
R: Yes, and lamas.
W: Now, I know about that. Got some on my ranch. But you call them “yamas”. Are you sure they’re from Tibet?

Pearl Munak

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