I Do NOT Support the Troops

Charlie Loving sent me this bit about the number of casualties in the Middle East since the beginning of hostilities following the events of September 11th. I’ve decided to put my answer to him here, because I want it known.

Casualties per Month

Oct. 3, Nov. 4, Dec. 4,

Jan. 10, Feb. 12, March 9, April 4 (END OF OEF)
May 1, June 3, July 0, Aug. 1, Sept. 1, Oct. 3, Nov. 1, Dec. 1,

Jan. 4, Feb 6, March 76 (OIF Begins March 20), April 76, May 38, June 33, July 47, Aug. 40, Sept 33, Oct. 47, Nov. 88, Dec. 41,

Jan. 55, Feb 23, March 53, April 138, May 88, June 47, July 56, Aug. 68, Sept 84, Oct. 68, Nov. 144, Dec. 73,

Jan. 108, Feb 59, March 42 , April 70, May 83, June 105, July 56, Aug. 100, Sept 87, Oct. 102, Nov. 87, Dec. 71,

Jan. 62, Feb 71, March 38, April 77, May 80, June 79, July 52, Aug. 75, Sept 79, Oct. 102 , Nov. **, Dec. **,

Family left behind

OIF= Operation Iraqi Freedon
OEF= Operation Enduring Freedom


I’m going to say something that I’ve had in my mind a long time. I talked with Mom about it once, but no one else.

I don’t have any sympathy for our troops, nor do I support them. This is a volunteer military; all these folks have a choice. For me there is only one choice, and that choice is to decline to fight, to decline to kill “to bring democracy to the Middle East,” or any other nonsensical crap that people such as Dick Cheney and the rest of PNAC and the neocons trot out. If our troops really had guts, they’d throw those guns on the ground and tell their commanders to fuck off.

If you’re going to send me a list of how many soldiers have died, why don’t you also send me a list of how many innocent Iraqis died. The latter had no choices about their deaths; our troops do. It’s just plain hypocritical to believe that American soldiers lives have more meaning than Iraqi lives. And what about the children? What about the dead children, Charlie?

It’s time for Humanity to stand for peace. Fighting amongst ourselves is killing not only our species, but endangering all the species because we fight each other and ignore the things we must do to enhance our planet and give it a chance to survive. Humans are fucking idiots both for what we fail to do, and for what we choose to do.

Rant, rant, rant …

Stop warring. Stop killing humans.

Richard Jehn

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