I Ran

“Drachen 6” / Irena Vezin.

I Ran

I was so scared, and there was no one to stand up beside me –
I was so weak, and I searched, but there was no place to hide me –
I was so lost, and I knew that I’d made the wrong turning –
Was I less than a man?
I didn’t know, so I Ran.

I Ran – through the darkness, and I never saw you –
I Ran – through the bombs, without hearing your song –
I Ran – through the smoke of my own soul burning –
I Ran straight through to Hell –
When I got there, I fell.

I was so cold, and there was no one to say I still mattered –
I was so sad, and all my bright colors were tattered –
I was so broke, and there was no job where I could be earning –
Was I less than a man?
I didn’t know, so I Ran.

I Ran – though all my friends tried to restrain me –
I Ran – there were funds set aside to retrain me –
I Ran – but I was way too upset to be learning –
I Ran flat out of time –
Can you spare me a dime?

Now it’s so late, and I don’t see I’ve got many choices –
And it’s so hard, to make sense of all of the voices –
If you love me, you’ll know what this song is concerning –
Am I less than a man?
I don’t know, so I Ran!

© 6/28/08 mgwizard

Mariann Wizard
June 28, 2008

The Rag Blog

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6 Responses to I Ran

  1. Anonymous says:

    I Raq ed my brain to understand &
    now will gladly extend my hand…

  2. Doug Zachary says:

    For Mariann and Ran Moran

    I Also Ran

    Orange County, GI rebellion, 1968
    barely stirring from my slumber
    Behind the Curtain, found Hell’s Gate
    the American Dream a Bummer

    So close to killing
    So close to dying
    I turned my back
    to grown Marines cryin’

    Equally afraid of horror and promise
    the things I’d seen in the World
    Took the first flight home to Texas
    to oblivion and a Rodeo girl.

    Satin sheet and satin pillow
    Wudnit fun at the Armadillo?

    Yeah, no shit! I also Ran.

    Here for (and with) you, Mariann!

  3. Mike says:

    What does a soul say when it is touched by truth? Thanks Mariann … beautiful.

  4. Dirk says:

    Thank you, Mariann.

    Warm regards.


  5. Mariann says:

    You guys are great — really appreciate the kind remarks! Just fyi, I’ve changed the one line to read, “there were no funds around to retrain me” — as often happens, my enthusiasm ran away with me and I didn’t give these lyrics time to “set” before putting them out here!

    Also, Terry Dyke helped me figure out the chord changes Wed. nite, so if anybody wants to play it, let me know and I’ll send or post up the tune.

    I think this may be the first anti-Iranian war song. I hope we don’t have to sing it a lot on account of that, but if we need it, we’ve got it!

  6. I really liked the song. The poem replies were also really good. I’d be interested to hear it sung. Is there anywhere I can hear it? I also write poems and stick them on my blog, let me know what you think.


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