International Women’s Day

Special present for Women’s Day
Nermeen Al-Mufti
01 March 2007

In an interview back in 2003, President Bush said that if his country were occupied he would resist. Indeed he is resisting what he calls “terror” toward making the world safer for Americans and America. An important stage of his “resistance” was invading, occupying and destroying Iraq.

Yet, in occupied Iraq, resistance is being describing as terror and insurgency as long as the occupier is being described as “the liberator.” The whole world silently watches the violence, destruction, crimes against humanity and daily bloodbaths brought into Iraq by the American “liberators”! Bush has the right to resist, yet Iraqis don’t.

In March, while women all over the world will celebrate International Women’s Day, the women of Iraq will have their own very special present. Three Iraqi women will be executed on March 3. The women: Wasan Talib, 31 years old and a mother of three-year-old daughter who has been with her mother till now; Liqaa Omer Mohammed, 26 years old and a mother a three-month-old daughter who was born in jail; and Zaineb Fadhil, 25 years old. According to lawyer Waleed Al-Hilali, a member of the Iraqi Lawyers Union, the court refused to let the lawyers in to defend the three women, who have been in jail for more than a year, accused of attacking the American occupying forces and being “terrorists.”

Iraq’s “liberators” promised to bringing human rights and especially women’s rights to Iraq! Paul Bremer, the former Bush viceroy in occupied Iraq, said during dismantling the Iraqi state that there would be no more death sentences in Iraq!

After a while of this “promise,” the death sentence was back “because the situation in Iraq needs it.”

The “rights” brought to the Iraqi women were: rape, displacement, imprisonment and poverty. According to IRIN news agency reports, 2 million Iraqi poor women became the breadwinners for their families after losing husbands, brothers, fathers and sons in the ongoing violence, and 60 women were raped and 800 were persecuted in just three months last year. According to the Iraqi Human Rights Society, 2,000 women are in jail for security cases. According to the Iraqi official numbers, thousands of women were among the civilian causalities of the violence; among them were professors, academics, journalists, teachers, and housewives, and most were mothers. Many Iraqi and international organizations, societies and personalities appealed to the Iraqi authorities and Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, who is on record as being opposed to the death penalty, to not execute the three Iraqi women and are still awaiting a reply. The first step toward bringing democracy is to not face violence by another violent action.

Women all over the world will have colorful roses on their international day, while Iraqi women will have the ongoing black and red colors, as a very special present.


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