It Takes a Peace Movement Now !!

Here’s my two bits (inflation):

An Out-of-Iraq Plan – Platform Proposal

1) All U.S. troops redeploy to the 5 main bases in Iraq, as quickly as possible, but no later than 60 days;
1a) all native Iraqis who request asylum are moved to temporary camps within these bases (finish this step within the 60-day limit);
1b) all troops not necessary to support those 5 bases begin departure sequence from al Asad air base (finish this step within the 60-day limit);
2) All U.S. “contractors” redeploy to temporary camp in Saudi Arabia within 90 days, in order to organize departure from the region;
2a) all non-U.S. citizens in “contractors” role are given commercial airplane tickets to their home country;
2b) all U.S. citizens in these roles are ferried back to the U.S. via chartered flights, paid for by “contractor” companies;
3) All non-essential and low-security-listed material is left in place for local Iraqis to expropriate;
3a) all weaponry and ammunition are collected within 60 days, to be warehoused in one remote, secure corner of al Asad air base for transport to U.S. – or for destruction (deadline 150 days, but aligned with troop withdrawal);
3b) all mine-detection devices, tools, construction equipment and material, and medical equipment are left for local Iraqis to expropriate;
4) Organize council including Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraqi Sunni, and Iraqi Shi’a to discuss/negotiate political arrangement for southern provinces;
5) Organize council including Turkey, Turkomen, Iran, and Iraqi Kurds to discuss/negotiate political arrangement for northern provinces;
6) Ask U.N. to hold advisory conference on Iraq situation to obtain viewpoints of all interested parties without direct political role in region;
7) When treaties or constitutions or arrangements acceptable – as demonstrated by U.N.-monitored elections – to the 3 main ethnic/sectarian divisions in Iraq are formalized, begin the full withdrawal of all U.S. military personnel back to the U.S., to finish within agreed date-certain (not later than Sept. 1, 2009).
7a) native Iraqis who request asylum are processed for immigration to the U.S. on an expedited basis;
7b) all stored weapons and ammunition are transported to the U.S.;
7c) the U.S. bases are turned over to the authorities for the region in which they are located;
7d) the U.S. budgets for grants/reparations to the Iraq entity or entities that emerge from the agreements.

Our (Washington) precinct caucuses take place this Saturday. For those who don’t know, I’m the Secretary of my county’s Democratic Party organization. Fairly meaningless, except that it means that the local party folks kinda like me. I sent this ‘draft’ around to the main active members in my county, plus the next one east. So far, only good comments.

I’ll submit this Saturday, and it will go on to the County convention uncontested. Should make it more or less intact out of that event, too. I’m going to try to be a delegate to the State convention, so that I can defend this – or something very similar – at that level. Point is, if you see this as something that we can accept, and if you’re participating in the platform drafting process in your area, it would be good if we could have this – or something very similar – coming from multiple directions.

Paul Spencer


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