It’s Just About Winning

Maybe that’s a serious failing of our society: the urge to switch sides if you’re losing, instead of having the courage of your convictions. It is singularly uninteresting that this man would consider scorning the Repugnicans because he lost.

Chafee Considers Leaving GOP

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (Nov. 10) – Two days after losing a bid for a second term, Sen. Lincoln Chafee said he was unsure whether he would remain a Republican.

Chafee lost to Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse in a race seen as a referendum on President Bush and the GOP. On Thursday, he was asked whether he would stick with the Republican Party or become an independent or Democrat.

“I haven’t made any decisions. I just haven’t even thought about where my place is,” Chafee said at a news conference. When pressed on whether his comments indicated he might leave the GOP, he replied: “That’s fair.”

Chafee, 53, is a lifelong Republican who has represented Rhode Island for seven years. His father held the same seat for 23 years before that.

Read the rest of this drivel here.

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