Joshua Brown : Life During Wartime: Slay the Beast


Political cartoon and verse by Joshua Brown / The Rag Blog / February 20, 2011.
The Rag Blog

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2 Responses to Joshua Brown : Life During Wartime: Slay the Beast

  1. Oh, but doncha know, deregulation and union bustin’ opened up all kinds of jobs.
    All that unnecessary Safety Equipment at the Massey mine in W Va and on the Deepwater Horizon rig, why, that would have prevented 11 job openings in less than ten minutes at BP and 29 job vacancies at Massey Energy.

    Of course, our “conservative” brethren and sistren (cistern?) will argue that comparing any two corporations, even in the same industry, is “apples and oranges” but consider this…
    If Corporations are indeed each a Corporate Person, as they claim, then any two corporations having any kind of relationship with each other, regardless of how disparate the services or goods THEIR EMPLOYEES provide, would be at best Incest and at many points, masturbation.

    I saw a “news” story about it, Corporate Media praising Corporate Management, about corporations which have an average annual income of $100K.

    Misleading math, that is.
    If, say, you were to divide at a low estimate 7.2 trillion dollars changing hands during a year globally, by the 7.2 BILLION people in the world, you would get each and every person having a hundred thousand dollar paycheck annually, right?

    Cut out the more than half the population of the world who don’t even bring home 5 dollars a day, that number gets a little bit skewed, doncha know.
    Keep cutting out large chunks of the people who get paid progressively larger amounts and the number of people actually getting $100K are going to be in a tiny minority, and those who are reaping the vast majority of the money are going to be in the tiniest minority.

    It’s really simple math but the ConservaTards are hoping that their consistent slashing of Public Education combined with their Not Actually Racist Or Elitist in any way assessment of people who don’t make a lot of money was actually true, and that we actually WERE inferior to them (only, again, not in a racist or elitist kind of way, we’re supposedly both the racists and the elitists)

    would have “dumbed us down” to the point that WE are as incapable of doing simple math as they are.

    The TeaTard “conservatives” who get out there in the streets screaming about how it’s the Working Class who are to blame, especially those of us who make up a the majority of the people, make the entirety of the wealthy for the Non-Racist Non-Elitist “Master Class” and get paid a fraction of a percent of that money…

    They’re just living proof of what “business elite (but not elitist, oh heavens no!) leader” Jay Gould said about Unions more than a century ago, that he could simply hire half the workers to slaughter the other half.

    Guess which half of the working class they hope to be?
    but seriously….

    A worker voting Republican is like a Jew, Anarchist, Communist, Black, Romany (Gypsy) or Homosexual voting for Hitler.

    Like a cow voting for Ray Kroc. (late owner of McDonalds, for those who missed the reference, some of our conservative friends say we provide too much information and it confuses them.)

    Trouble with that, oh TeaPotty ones, is that you’re voting away OUR future, and that of OUR children and grandchildren, and those of YOUR grandchildren, not just those of your own Goddamn selfish collective Arse.
    Answering every such issue with a charge of “intellectual elitism” doesn’t help the “conservative” cause.

    Nor did your “Conservatives” in the House voting to slash everything else but continuing a subsidy for NASCAR.

  2. Put a decimal point in the wrong place, 7.2 trillion divided by 7.2 billion is only ONE thousand. Not 100,000. OOPSIE.

    The conservatives can file that with the “greeted as liberators” and “cakewalk” and “Hussein had WMDs and was an accomplice to 9/11” bullshit.

    Also Tea Party “hero” Don Blankenship, former CEO of Massey, took a retirement package worth $12 MILLION, plus consulting fees,
    Kind of like Rudi Giuliani who got skunked twice in the same place by allegedly the same person (bin Laden) and Ollie North who got skunked three times in less than a month in Lebanon by his own accomplices,

    Making money on consulting fees as being some kind of Anti-Terrorist “experts”.

    How much would you bet (I’ve got a half eaten donut to put up) that Don Blankenship, “conservative” hero and supposed Good Christian, made more money in his retirement package than the families of the 29 miners will collect in compensation for his “explosive” firing of their loved ones? I mean, All of them combined.

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