Kate Braun : During Fall Equinox Give Thanks for Earth’s Bounty

Honor Mother Earth on Fall Equinox. Image from Seeds of Good Fortune.

Fall Equinox:
A time to seek balance in all things

By Kate Braun | The Rag Blog | September 16, 2013

“Come, ye thankful people come
Raise the song of harvest home…”

Sunday, September 22, 2013 is the Fall Equinox, aka Mabon, Harvest Home, Second Harvest, or Cornucopia. Hours of day and night are equal on this day. As you concentrate on rituals for protection, prosperity, security, self-confidence, and harmony, seek balance in all things.

Use the colors red, orange, russet, maroon, brown, deep gold, and violet in your decorations and dress. Select decorations from an assortment of gourds, pine cones, acorns, grains, apples, pomegranates, ivy, dried seeds, horns of plenty, grapes, autumn leaves, scales or balance beams, and textured fabrics such as velvet, velour, and corduroy.

Serve your guests a buffet that can include breads, nuts, apples, pomegranates, carrot soup, blackberries, nuts, and cider as well as red meat or fowl. Honor all Goddess-as-Matron deities such as Cerridwyn, the Celtic water-oriented Goddess of Autumn whose symbol is the cauldron; her fruit is the apple and all nuts and seeds are sacred to her.

Traditionally, quilts were started on this date, but any project that would occupy your winter evenings could be begun now. You may also make a corn dolly or other poppet, charge it with the qualities and goals you are working on, and bury in the yard or garden as a seed that will see fruition as you achieve the goal.

To make a corn dolly: using about three fresh corn husks, bend them in half and use a strip of corn husk to tie off a small bit at the bend to form the dolly’s head; decide where the waist should be, twist the corn husks at this point and tie them with another corn husk strip. Fluff out the skirt and your corn dolly is finished. Sprinkle her with a few drops of wine and tell her the qualities and goals you choose to work on over the winter. Write this down for future reference.

Then bury her in your garden or back yard or under a tree, as you would plant a seed you want to grow vigorously. Plan to visit the site periodically; use it during the Dark Time to meditate on what you have sown. When celebrating the Spring Equinox, look at what your goals were and see what strides you have made towards achieving them.

This is a festival where you should give thanks for: Mother Earth’s bounty and the feast being enjoyed; friends and family; specific goodnesses in your life (name them); professional success as well as the basics of food, clothing, and shelter. When giving thanks, go around the table Sun-wise, starting with you, the host/ess, and moving to your left around the table.

When you give thanks for the bounty of the Earth, you are maintaining your connection to Spirit in a most elemental way. Without good water, good earth, good air, and healthy bees, there would be no crops to celebrate. Indeed, without these things there would be no people to create such a celebration. By honoring Mother Earth seasonally, we recognize not only our spirituality but also our place in the greater scheme of things.

Kate Braun will be participating in a Spiritual Life Productions Metaphysical Fair on Saturday and Sunday, September 21- 22, 2013, at the Marchesa Hall and Theater, 6406 N. I-35, Suite 3100, Austin, Texas. Saturday hours: 10 a.m.-6:30 p.m.; Sunday hours: 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Kate will also be answering questions on Tarot, Sunday at 1 p.m. as part of the fair’s lecture series.

[Kate Braun was a contributor to the original Rag. Her website is www.tarotbykatebraun.com. She can be reached at kate_braun2000@yahoo.com. Read more of Kate Braun’s writing on The Rag Blog.]

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