Kate Braun : Fall Equinox and a ‘Full Wishing Moon’

Fall Equinox: The egg is a symbol of the four elements.

Balancing the egg:
Fall equinox is time of energy and power

Round and around and around and around and around and round we go…

By Kate Braun / The Rag Blog / September 15, 2010

Wednesday. September 22, 2010, is the date of the Fall Equinox, also named Second Harvest, Mabon, and Cornucopia. Lady Moon is in her second quarter in Pisces and there is Full Wishing Moon on Thursday, September 23.

A Full Moon is a time of high energy and much power; its effect can frequently extend to the days immediately before and after the actual Full Moon; therefore, it would be good to include in your activities this night rituals for protection, prosperity, harmony, and balance, keeping your focus on the positive aspects of these qualities.

Decorate with gourds, pine cones, acorns, autumn leaves, apples, pomegranates, and textured fabrics such as velvet, velour, and corduroy. Appropriate colors are red, orange, deep gold, russet, maroon, and violet. Scales or balance rods could be used as a centerpiece. A cauldron filled to overflowing with apples would also serve well as Mabon is sacred to Cerridwen, the Celtic water-oriented Goddess of Autumn. Her symbol is the Cauldron and her fruit is the apple.

In the long ago, the Fall Equinox was the time to start a project which would be completed by Yule (Winter Solstice). One tradition was to make a quilt. If you have friends who enjoy this activity, each of you could begin a quilt square on this night, take it home to finish at your leisure, bring it back at Yule and assemble the quilt. It need not be a full bed size; a lap quilt will generate the same energy associated with finishing what you start.

Equinoxes are the two times each year when a raw egg can be balanced on its larger end. This presents a good reason to contemplate the symbolism of the egg without having to eat any (and given the recent salmonella outbreak we must be more vigilant than usual about knowing the sources of egg production).

The shell represents Earth, the membrane represents Air, the yolk represents Fire, the white represents Water. These are the four elements from which come all things, hence the egg may be considered to represent “All and Everything.” As you and your guests balance your eggs, turn your focus to acknowledging your blessings. Silently give thanks for not only food, clothing, and shelter, but also friends, family, and professional success.

[Kate Braun’s website is www.tarotbykatebraun.com. She can be reached at kate_braun2000@yahoo.com.]

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