Larry Piltz : VERSE | my god is godzilla

GODZILLA – 3. umezy12. @Roppongi / Flickr / Creative Commons.

my god is godzilla

my god is godzilla
he too is a killa
gets some kind of thrilla
and makes a big dilla
of the whole magilla
by getting his filla
keeping it rilla
like an Attila
or rabid gorilla
calls it god’s willa
from up in his villa
though I think it’s real silla
for some Jack or some Jilla
to die on that hilla
to swallow that pilla
for someone’s godzilla
are we doing that stilla
if you don’t stop who willa
is your god a godzilla
who sends you the billa?

is your god a godzilla
who starts a home war
for the wealth of the rich
and keeps so many poor
by hook, crook and rook
and gets really sore
if you get too uppity
asking for more
than crumbs on a plate
says that’s what your plate’s for
and when you went hungry
passed right by your door
for your family’s survival
is that what’s in store
a godzilla revival
as war comes full-bore
to schools and concerts
to school boards and stores
to plazas and churches
godzilla wants more
especially your sacrifice
as the war lurches
toward those we adore
with their lives on the verges
godzilla will roar
at your internet searches
what’s a synonym for gore
godzilla demands dirges
kids die evermore
as your kids he purges
on their classroom floor
we need DNA kits
for this red tide and mud
as godzilla takes bids
for who gets to spill blood
while the gun truth gets hid
and blood turns to flood
is your god a godzilla
who wages home war
and spills the blood
as blood turns to flood
so this is home war

Larry Piltz
Indian Cove
May 30, 2022

[Larry Piltz is an Austin-based writer, poet, and musician.]

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2 Responses to Larry Piltz : VERSE | my god is godzilla

  1. Another powerful Piltz poem!

    • Larry Piltz says:

      Ahaha, thanks, Mariann. If there’s something I might like more than rhyme, it’s alliteration. But seriously, I appreciate it!

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