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VERSE | The Christmas Keys, a True Carol in Limericks

The Christmas Keys, a True Carol in Limericks

On Christmas Eve

I lost my keys

then dreamt of a very high bridge

that spans a river

fast and wide

that flows below a ridge

and on that ridge

a town grew up

and spreads out here and there

along the streams

and down underground

and way into the air

and every day

come pain or shine

her people do declare

it’s time to walk

our bridge and back

just to show we dare

there are no cars

or trucks allowed

the bikers walk their bikes

the rest will stroll

while wheelchairs roll

and some will briskly hike

we’ll bring our chairs

and stools and cushions

and sit a spell or two

there are plenty of hugs

and no one pushin’

with smiles and handshakes too

these are our rules

our people tools

at work here on our bridge

back home at night

our hearts still bright

we live them on our ridge

On Christmas Day

I found my keys

almost under my feet

I’d walked right by them

about fifty times

I finally feel complete

I’d looked everywhere

both day and night

and couldn’t find a trace

looked on the ground

and under things

and glanced at outer space

but I couldn’t find them

till I let them go

and walked onto our bridge

where everything I need is

look someone brought a fridge

and hooked it up to a solar panel

backup power from the river channel

with all the love I could ever handle

and a great view of our ridge

our town the brightest candle

my life a privilege

Yes there’s quite a view

from our high bridge

and quite a town

up on our ridge

and in it, our real keys

are what each other sees

my love is found in these

and each day is a privilege

[Larry Piltz is an Austin-based writer, poet, and musician.]

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2 Responses to Larry Piltz :
VERSE | The Christmas Keys, a True Carol in Limericks

  1. Frances Hans Morey says:

    Sounds like a poem about Corpus Christi, and our magnificent new bridge to be completed in 2023.

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