Lest We Forget the Horror That Is Iraq

By Dr.Mohammed / May 15, 2009

Yesterday, I was chatting with my colleague about the situation in Iraq and specially regarding the social aspect…we both reached an agreement that we would witness a social crisis or a disaster…the Iraqis’ ethics and manner have really changed in the years after the war…so many people lost the good sides of the Iraqi manners.

And since he is much older than me, he said that after each war Iraqis losses some of their good manners, and I think he is right.

And today I received an email with some very interesting statistics that are gathered together…and I thought those statistics would be a great way to show my point.

1,000,000 widowed women according to a statistic published by the Iraqi woman’s ministry in 2008

4,000,000 orphan child (estimated by the ministry of planning if the average of the Iraqi family is 4-6 children)

2,500,000 killed (according to the statistics of the Iraqi ministry of health and the forensic medicine (morgues) till December 2008)

800,000 missing (according to the ministry of anterior till December 2008)

320,000 prisoners inside the USA and government jails (the USA announced the presence of 120,000 prisoners inside their jails)

4,500,000 refugees outside Iraq (according to the statistics of people who requested the new passport G)

2,500,000 displaced inside Iraq (according to the Iraqi ministry of immigration and refugees)

76,000 cases of HIV (according to the Iraqi ministry of health) (it was 114 cases before the war)

40% of the Iraqi people are under the line of poverty (according to the statistics of the Iraqi human rights’ ministry)

126 foreign security companies (registered at the Iraqi ministry of anterior)

43 armed militias (registered at the Iraqi ministry of anterior and ministry of defense)

Well, it’s really frightening. Just look well at the numbers of orphans, widowed, killed and missing and you would certainly know why I said where are going to have a social crisis.

May God be with you.

Source / Last of the Iraqis

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2 Responses to Lest We Forget the Horror That Is Iraq

  1. willis says:

    Oh, please.

    The UN says that (including the US jails) there are only 50,000 people in prison in Iraq.

    Also, there have been nowhere near two and a half million killed.

    Iraq is truly in terrible shape … but posting ridiculous bogus statistics doesn’t prove anything except that somebody hasn’t done their homework. I agree with your premise, but your numbers are nonsense. All that they’ll do is get your vote cancelled for bad statistics.

  2. richard jehn says:

    “Ridiculous bogus statistics” – as a dear Friend once asked me when we were talking about poverty in Africa and other distasteful topics, “Whose truth?”

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