Loving Daddy So Much It Hurts … Somebody

We’ve seen the speculation that it was because Saddam once plotted GHW Bush’s assassination. Junior apparently didn’t like that. Handy that he had the billions of dollars it took to realize his desired end.

From Ranger Against War

“V” for Vendetta

He was especially hard on the little things. — said of the Lone Biker of the Apocalypse, from Raising Arizona (1987)

This is a reflection on a previous botched and very public murder in this Iraq undertaking.

“He tried to kill my dad,” or so GWB is reported to have said of the late Saddam. This unfounded statement motivated or so it seems, the House of Bush to bring down a biblical scourge upon the House of Hussein and collaterally, the peoples of Iraq and America. This war looks like a personal vendetta bankrolled by the American taxpayer. The little things to which the title refers are those of us who are paying, in blood or money.

Of course the fact is that the Bush daddy is still alive and living large off his Carlyle Group profits and his taxpayer-funded federal retirement, but the House of Hussein is obliterated in the clearest Old Testament terms.

Saddam Hussein’s sons and grandson were murdered by the U.S. military. In effect, a pestilence of the Angel of Death eliminated his first born, not to mention second and grandson, thrown in as a bonus point.

The U.S. military must be capable of blocking off, barricading and controlling a small gunfight. Intelligence indicated the location of the Hussein heirs and the U.S. Army then went “balls to the wall.” Clearly, the Army could have isolated the brothers and negotiated or starved them out. It worked with Noreiga, so why not the Hussein family? Every indicator I read implied that Qusay and Uday could have been captured if the U.S. were so inclined.

Well, it was easy to kill them all, but that hasn’t brought peace and security to Iraq or America. In fact, when and if Osama bin Laden is treated to a similar fate, the world will not automatically become a safer place. The opposite is a more likely outcome. Target stores everywhere will have to be especially vigilant in their department which trolls for sanitizing images of political martyrs. Finding Che on the DVD boxes was just the beginning.

This is one time daddy isn’t carrying the financial burden for junior; it’s you and me. And it’s junior that the taxpayers of America need to eliminate through legal means.


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