Making a Comment

At the end of the post where it says “n Make/read comments” (where n is the numbers of comments already made), click there. A little window will pop up with all the comments on it. Scroll to the bottom and follow these instructions:

On the screen where it says “Choose an identity,” you should use the radio buttons to make a choice of either OpenID or Anonymous. OpenID lets you provide any name you wish while Anonymous will automatically populate your comment with “anonymous” as the identification. You will notice that when you choose a different radio button such as OpenID, additional fields will appear on the screen for you to fill in.

There are two other options available: Google/Blogger or Name/URL. The first of these refers to a user who has a Google account; the second is someone who wishes to identify him/herself and provide a Web site address (Universal Resource Locator). If you want to use your Google/Blogger identity, please remember that this is now an e-mail address plus your Google password.

One more thing: This blog enforces a specific comment policy that prohibits personal attack, goading and harassment, and other malicious remarks. We will delete remarks considered inappropriate, at the discretion of the editors.

I hope that helps.

Richard Jehn, TRB

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