MDS Meeting and Film Announcement

We will be viewing the new film, “Legacy of Torture” at the June meeting of Austin Movement for a Democratic Society this Sunday, June 17 (even though it is Father’s Day), at the Austin History Center (810 Guadalupe, 2-4 pm). We’ll watch the film in the early part of the meeting, look at the calendar and pencil in dates and venues, and talk about publicizing the movie. I hope you can join us then.

However, I don’t anticipate that everyone who is interested will be able to come to this meeting, or that we will be able to firm up much about dates then, so if you can’t come but are interested; don’t worry, there will be more meetings !!! After 30 years of the eight San Francisco defendants being dogged and harassed, it is highly unlikely that this case will be concluded anytime soon, but let’s try to reach as many people as we can as quickly as possible with this important documentary.

Thanks, and hope to see you Sunday,

Mariann Wizard

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