Molly Ivins

From the Prairie Home Companion’s website —

She was a true hero of mine (and millions more)…

Molly Ivins
Enlivens us all.
She was tossed in—
To Austin
But could thrive in
St. Paul.
If you’re arrivin’ —
Whenever you’re due—
Give me a call
Soon as you’re here.
I’ll find a drive-in
That serves barbecue
And Lone Star beer.

Two-thousand seven
She’s flown up to heaven
And is giving St. Peter
(Who came out to meet her)
A piece of her mind.
We miss you, old girl,
It’s a poorer world
You’ve left behind.

She was one of the great newspaper columnists of all time and we were proud to have her on our show in Austin last year where, even though terribly ill, she brought down the house. Her regal presence and her brilliant wit that day will be long remembered. She was firing on all eight cylinders.

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