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Deadly Serious March on Washington was a Primer for the March 17 “Stay in Washington Campaign”
By Axis of Logic Editorial
Jan 29, 2007, 11:48

The inexorable peoples’ movement in the U.S. against the government’s war on the people of Iraq has begun. And it is not a movement of the anti-war leaders. It is a movement of the people. Saturday, January 27 was a beautiful day that will be remembered by a quarter million people who came in Washington DC. to take a stand against the U.S. war on the people of Iraq. The Mall was packed shoulder-to-shoulder all the way to the National Monument and people were angry. It was without doubt, the largest anti-war march we have seen since the 1970s and we’ve seen them all on the East Coast since 9/11/01. I interviewed many who were present and our dialogue followed these lines:

“Why are you here today?

This is the first protest I’ve been to. I’m just angry. I can’t watch the news on television anymore. We voted against the war and the government has escalated the war.

“Where are you from?

“Here in Washington … New York … Florida … Arkansas … Cleveland … Minnesota … Maine … Texas … California … Washington State … Colorado … Germany … England … France … etc., etc.”

They poured in on buses from all over the United States and some even came from foreign countries to demand an end to the war. This was not a light-hearted “feel-good” anti-war demonstration. The mood of the people was as somber as it was angry – and deadly serious. They know that the immovable object of the government has met the irresistable force of the people. There was a strong sense that the more the object obfuscates, deceives and refuses to yield to the demands of the force – the more angry and rebellious the people will become. Cries of “We will not stop” could be heard throughout the day. This inveterate rebellion of the people has come to the implacable shove of the RDR (Republican-Democrat-Regime) in Washington. In the interviews I conducted there was as much rage expressed to the Democrats as there was to the Republicans … and that rage is clearly growing. People are refusing to accept the Democrats’ “Non-binding Resolution” against the war as enough. They want funds for the war to be cut off and they want them cut off now.

Staying in Washington on the 4th Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq – March 17, 2007

Our mission in going to Washington on Saturday was three-fold:

* To support the March.

* To cover and report the March on Axis of Logic

* To promote the upcoming March 17 March on Washington with a new tactic in the anti-war movement – not seen since the Vietnam War.

The third part of our mission was to promote the March 17 Stay in Washington being organized by the Troops Out Now Coalition, based in New York.

Please read the rest of it here to get details about the March 17th event.

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