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Dear Friends & Family — Some of y’all, especially those who don’t have access to Austin’s wonderful “Channel A” public access channels, might like to see me reading a little poetry at the recent 2008 ExSE Spoken Word Showcase.

Slight warning: they wanted poets this year to select a “theme”, and when I looked over the things I’d worked on in the last year, and thought about what I wanted to read, my theme turned out to be “mortality”. (Last year it was all about the environment!!!) Well, whattaya gonna do? For the 2009 Showcase, I’ll try for something light-hearted and cheerful, OK? Anyway, don’t watch if you’re feeling totally decrepit and geezer-ish to begin with, OK? Hold it for some day when there’s a spring in your step and you need to be taken down a notch!

Thanks a million to producer Karla Saldana and her wonderful all-volunteer crew, and to my fabulosa sister-out-law Cassie Vizard, for “she-knows-what”! And of course I’m not the only ExSE poet up on YouTube; they all are, and there are some amazing ones; check out for sure Ms. Precious Yett; this young lady is something else!!

Hope everyone is having a calm, peaceful week-end!

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EXSE Spoken Word 2008-Mariann Wizard

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