Movie Night at the Whitehouse

On July 20th 1944 plotters led by Klaus Von Stauffenberg attempted to assassinate the lawful ruler of Germany but fate intervened and Hitler survived. However the blood lust of this psychopathic serial killer would take weeks and thousands to satiate. It is important to understand the motivations of a psychopath, Hitler in his rage ordered everyone in Germany with the name Stauffenberg to be executed.

You see it’s not just about murder it is about power; Klaus had broken into Hitler’s psychotic delusions with the reality of possible sudden death. The psychopathic serial killer lives in a tower of fantasies of their own making, not just of power but also of intelligence. They strive to prove to the world not only are they powerful but they’re more intelligent as well. When ever anyone questioned Hitler’s military planning he would berate them and explain his past glories, and if you make a habit of it and your career would be short.

Thousands were taken and suspended by meat hooks and then hung with piano wire, and at the express orders of Adolph Hitler the executions were filmed. At his first viewing of the films Hitler was jubilant as he watched the films with glee, innocent guilty made no difference to him it was about power. The power to inflict suffering on those perceived to threaten his fantasy. Psychopaths are the most dangerous of all mentally ill; for all intents and purposes they can appear completely normal. Like all of us the have a public personality but behind that is a hidden murderous rage, they are very ill, abused as children they seek out revenge on those that hurt them and those who threaten their fantasy.

Hitler living in Vienna out of work and down on his luck was befriended by a Jewish man who operated second hand store, the man feeling sorry for Hitler seeing he had no over coat gave him one. To you and I this would be considered and act of kindness but to the psychopath Hitler this was an affront. He was Adolph Hitler and Jews were feeling sorry for him? The nerve! If the Jews in Vienna were successful and he was not then whom he thought was responsible for that? George Bush as a make believe Texas oil man was bailed out financially time and again by Arab investors, to you and I that might be considered and act of kindness…

Hitler ordered the execution films shown to the troops but the troops refused to watch in mass. They were soldiers not psychopaths if it had been presented with the choice of executing only they guilty and freeing the innocent they would have released the innocent immediately. To Hitler it was sending a message to those who would threaten his fantasy that he had the power and enjoyed their sufferings.

When then Governor George Bush refused the last minute death row appeal for clemency from Carla Faye Tucker he mocked her sufferings to a reporter. Tucker had been born again while in prison and many evangelicals endorsed her appeal. But then Governor Bush showed her no clemency nor anyone else for that matter as Governor for eight years not once was clemency ever granted, I wonder why? Setting the record for the most executions not only as Texas governor but also anywhere in the United States.

Bush as a child had a history of tormenting small animals and while in a fraternity at Yale added the burning of pledges to the initiation ritual. To willfully inflict pain on others is a clear sign of mental illness, to do so as a child is a warning sign. To do so in college is to prove your power over others. During the blitz in London during WW2 Churchill made a point to tour the most devastated areas to show solidarity with the people to empathize with their sufferings. Hitler never once toured devastated areas of Germany because it threatened his fantasy his inviolability is it any wonder then why the President doesn’t attend soldier’s funerals or allows photographs? He wants to be able to watch TV too.

Towards the end Hitler submerged in his bunker under the chancellery began to give grandiose orders to non-existent forces. When advised by Albert Speer his ministry of supply that Germany would be out of fuel in days Hitler advised we will fight on to the end with a policy of scorched earth! Speer asked, what about the German people how will they survive? Hitler said they have failed me and do not deserve to survive. What is the administrations newest talking point? Why are we failing in Iraq? Because… It’s the Iraqi’s fault! They have failed us!

So Saddam has been murdered excuse me executed and at someone’s orders the execution was filmed, hmm, I wonder whom? But why did Iraqi Judges try Saddam in Iraq? His defense was always under the Iraqi constitution he was the head law enforcement official in the country, which was true. But he was tried under the new Iraqi constitution written by Paul Bremer under that constitution Saddam did not have that right. I wonder if that’s why occupying powers are not allowed to change the occupied country’s laws under the Geneva Convention? But why not take him to The Hague then to be tried? Don’t we want to bring Iraq into the civilized family of nations? Isn’t that our stated goal du jour?

I think it might have gone something like this, “Mr. Hussein when you gassed the Kurds who supplied you with these horrible weapons?” “Mr. Donald Rumsfeld sir of the United States.” And Mr. Hussein how did you know where the Kurds were?” “The US CIA was supplying us with satellite photo’s but they were out of date.” “Out of date what do mean sir?” “We were trying to gas the Iranian military but we got bad intelligence in the form of out of date satellite photos that showed Iranian troops occupying the village.” “Mr. Hussein do you honestly expect the court to accept as your defense that because you’ve gotten bad intelligence the deaths of these people can be excused!”

“Mr. Prosecutor if you want me to plead guilty to gassing thousands of Iranians I will do that now!” “No, Mr. Hussein you can gas as many Iranians as you like we don’t care it is only when you gas people unintentionally that concerns us here. I want to get back to your defense of bad intelligence.”

So, it’s Movie night at the White House, the death toll is now 600 thousand and one. And now it’s all the Iraqis fault and after all we’ve done for them! May be they don’t deserve to survive. Try to be on time but if you are late don’t worry I’m sure the boss will be running it over and over.

See it here. H/t Today in Iraq

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