No War, No Warming – Resistance Is Forming

Take Action on the 5th Anniversary
of the Illegal War and Occupation of Iraq
March 19
No War, No Warming — Resistance Is Forming!

As we enter the 6th year of war in Iraq, No War, No Warming is joining with many other organizations in calling for a major mobilization to Washington, D.C. on March 19. Despite all of our movement’s work over these years, the killing continues, the earth is being devastated and hundreds of millions of dollars are being squandered every day in a criminal war for oil that never should have happened.

The US addiction to oil, which drove our country into the Iraq war, will fuel future resource wars like one with Iran, which has huge oil reserves, unless the US ends its addiction. Additionally, the US military is the largest single consumer of petroleum in the country, so as the military grows, so does our addiction to fossil fuels.

Climate change is also a result of our addiction to oil and other fossil fuels. Greenhouse-gas-emitting oil is melting the Arctic and Greenland before our eyes, destroying Indigenous cultures and peoples, disappearing small island nations as sea levels rise, and it’s creating extreme climate events and super storms like Hurricane Katrina around the world. As the situation gets even worse, as people run out of water and eco-systems wither, climate change is an emerging global security threat that could make current wars pale by comparison.

On October 22, 2007 No War, No Warming took action on Capitol Hill. Using creative mobile tactics like the bike block, polar bear contingent and IVAW theatre, as well as blockades of key doors and streets, we had a significant impact on the Hill, got great media coverage and built excitement for what is possible when we take coordinated, determined action.

On March 19th, building from those inspiring actions, No War, No Warming will be organizing nonviolent direct action at locations like the American Petroleum Institute and the Department of Energy to highlight the connections between war, our addiction to oil and corporate war profiteering. We will be demanding:

• An end to the Iraq war, bring the troops home now, no war with Iran!

• A shift in resources to support war veterans and rebuild New Orleans and other communities suffering from racism and corporate greed.

• Environmental justice and alternative economic models to address poverty and create millions of green jobs in a clean energy economy.

If you want to end this war and save this planet, start organizing now! Pull together an affinity group to begin planning. Our goal is to have hundreds if not thousands of people in the streets March 19th willing to risk arrest. This will have a serious impact on the institutions and people who continue to profit from this illegal war for oil!

Do what you can to be in DC March 12-19th. Let the will of the people be felt!

• Hey Students! Spring Break in Washington DC! Millions of you will be on break, how about it?

• Sick Days! If you are sick of the war, greed, lies and lack of action on global warming then take sick days off to come to DC!

• Vacation to the Capitol. …If you need a break from it all, take some vacation days if you have them and come to the nation’s capitol. Direct Action is good for the spirit!

• How about a class trip?

See you in the streets!

No War No Warming will also be supporting several other activities over the preceeding week, including Winter Soldier hearings organized by Iraq Veterans Against the War on March 13-16 about the U.S. role in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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