Oaxaca Update

This comes via Ed Alexander and Charlie Loving. It seems to have been sent from Oaxaca on Saturday, 28 October at 8 pm (but that is not entirely clear). I post it with spelling corrections, but otherwise as received. I question the possibility that 4,000 people could fit on “6 Boeing planes,” unless those planes arrived several times each after returning to pick up more soldiers.

Federal troops arrived this morning ….6 Boeing planes with 4,000 federal police, marines (?), and army. They have been grouping all day in 3 areas, Brenamiel , Tule, and the airport. They are supposed to attack this afternoon. It is 5 pm and any time now the bloodbath will ensue. It is absurd this need for violence. It is everywhere all over the world and can so easily be solved, but power is an evil thing. There are old people, mothers, fathers, young people defending these barricades, just people like us. It is incredible. Will let you know more. It will be a late night. Laura

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