October SurpriseS!!

The only thing that can save the Repugs now is a terrorist strike.

If Osama had any sense, he would favor the Repugs, but he has no sense.

Karl Rove has never done an election without some kind of October Surprise, so I’m really surprised unless he really does have a bombing up his sleeve.

But we got, in the weekend before the election:

The highest Iraq casualties in years and a very pessimistic Army evaluation leaked to the NY Times.

An evangelical who gets weekly conference calls with Rove is accused of having years of gay sex with a prostitute. He denies even knowing the prostitute, who produces messages on his machine and calls from the Rev to his cell phone, at which time the Rev admits to getting “just a massage” and to buying meth … which he threw away.

The Repugs, against the advice of their own intelligence team, put a cookbook for an atomic bomb written in Arabic on a public website in an effort to prove there were so WMDs in Iraq. The UN anti-proliferation agency demands that the plans be taken down, a demand that is ignored until it appears in a NY Times news story, at which time the Repugs take down the plans and attack the Times for printing the story.

Bush puts the former CEO of Exxon-Mobil in charge of charting the energy future of the US.

Monday, four days after Bush promised Rumsfeld will stay to the end of this presidency, the Army Times will editorially call for Rumsfeld’s head.


Steve Russell

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