One Pissed Off Arab Woman

From Arab Woman Blues

The Uncensored Anger Manifesto-Part IV

This unending sequel to I, II & III contains foul language. You don’t like it ? Tough!
I have been way too polite with you lot so far – Enough is enough.

I read that the criminal you voted for not once but twice and don’t give me this crap about your rigged elections – this is your screwed democracy and this is not my problem and you voted TWICE for a bastard, criminal, thug , so shut up and don’t you interrupt because I have heaps to tell you…

So this bastard of yours wants 3 trillion dollars for his war efforts in Iraq.
Four years down the line and your fucked up country with its equally fucked up military has not managed to control and seize a country the size of California.
You can stuff your flags right where the sun does not shine for starters.

Three trillion dollars to kill more innocent,poor people who have done absolutely nothing to you. Nor they nor their President Saddam Hussein nor his government.

And dont’you give me the crap about your upholding a dictator.
For us he was a saint not a dictator and when you could not get him through years and years of inflicting misery and starvation through your smart criminal sanctions, you got us and him with your filthy smart bombs…And tell that shitty anti-war “liberal” “progressive” reps of yours that you did not uphold him in power, the people of Iraq did, by hook or by crook…and however much you hate it.

So get off your high sham pedestals for you are nothing and deserve nothing but the utmost contempt and get that truth right into your thick little skulls, skulls numbed with drugs, junk food, violence and trashy soap operas and of course…dollars.

Those same dollars that you will be spending on killing us some more.
A study , and only a fucked up country like yours would produce such a study, estimated that the cost of killing one single Iraqi is 2.40 Dollars.
This is what our lives are worth in your filthy calculating minds and in your shameless eyes.
So three trillion dollars divided by 2.40 and you would be finishing us all off.
This is what you are – a people who get high on blood and murder.
You make money out of killing in reality and in films and that is the only thing you can produce.
Just look at your disgusting hollywood and your cocaine addict stars,that is all you know in life and that is all that life will dish out to you.
The same way you have treated others, you will be treated. I can assure you that. Nothing goes unaccounted for in this life or in the one after, even though you have no one above auditing you but there is One that will not miss a single act. This is my promise to you.

Read it here.

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