One Unforgivable Error in Judgement

You Don’t Have Gerald Ford to Kick Around Any More

I usually headline the eulogizing posts with “RIP…” and then the name of the person who died, but I’m not doing that for Ex-President Ford. Not because I bear him any specific ill-will. I don’t think he was a great, or even particularly good, President, but he also doesn’t seem to be as massive an asshole as the other men who have held the position of late. It’s because, maybe he should do a little thinking rather than going immediately into the rest phase.

I think, amidst the usual gamut of mistakes, Ford made one unforgivable error: pardoning Nixon. Not just because the guy deserved to be punished for his crimes against, well, everyone. And not just because it sets a horrible precedent to let a power-mad delusional psychopath get off scott free to open his own library in Yorba Linda.

Read it here.

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