Order Out of Chaos

“Anyone who has followed the discourse over the past decade having to do with Iraq; would be aware that ‘liberation’, or weapons of mass destruction was never the intent. The strategy has always been to divide the country – into manageable regions and divvy up the oil resources. Reconstruction was always a joke – nothing has been done except to build more prisons, and a billion dollar (small town – housing 7000) embassy to oversee the business of oil. With hundreds of thousands homeless in America, seniors not able to afford medicines, veterans living under bridges/refused medical compensation, factories closed, foreclosures rampant; a billion + is being spent on this compound, complete with swimming pools, recreation centers, theaters etc. You will not see this reported anywhere on U.S. news (little wonder Iraqis see us as occupiers, eh?) but you will see, some jerk off named Tom Cruise and non-stop coverage, of his obscene materialistic wedding taking place in some castle in Italy or coverage on O.J ( resurrected) and how he might have killed his wife etc. I feel informed!

Isn’t the very existence of an Iraq Study Group a tacit admission that GWB’s administration doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing in Iraq? Don’t we already have legions of people on the government tit to come up with military strategy and foreign policy? If they need Poppy Bush’s friends to come in and tell them how to do their jobs, then maybe (not possible as we can see) we need more competent people making these decisions in the first place. Foggy Bottom sees nothing but a regurgitation of the same old white frat boys, former CEOs, lap dogs, and shills, and cradle to grave politicians (money business that elections are), just shuffling off to new appointments and different buildings.”

Anonymous, November 19, 2006


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