Our Saturday Snapshot – Trans Texas Corridor

Lest there’s any misconception about it ….

h/t InfoWars

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  1. The real misconception is that it’s a trans TEXAS corridor! That’s just this end of it; this phase — the first customs station, operated by Mexico, will actually be in Kansas City, and eventually this thing will run all the way to Canada. Imagine the entire US as being sort of the shabby neighborhood under the highway…
    On another front, approval has been granted for more trucks from Mexico to travel farther into the US. With less stringent inspection and safety requirements in Mexico, it is feared that this will bring MORE traffic, MORE accidents, and MORE general craziness to the NAFTA highway, as IH-35 is sometimes called. Teamster President Jim Hoffa has denounced the move as one more nail in the coffin of the US trucker.

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