Panning the Military Solution

The inaugural events of doomsday
Tuesday, 06 February 2007
By Fawzy Aboyoussef

We are going to witness within the few coming days and weeks the unfolding of a play authored by President Bush’s Administration about the immediate future of the Middle-East.

02/06/07 “ICHBlog” — — Is President Bush a nice man who wants to protect USA and to introduce democracy to Iraq or has he got Grand Plans for you?

President Bush was born in an upper-class military family. He was raised. therefore, within a culture that favors military solutions in problems solving. It appears that he is enjoying his role as a commander in chief and itching for a chance to exercise the powers of this authority. He often proclaims that, a commander in chief does not waver, a characteristic that might explain his insistence to “Stay the Course”. He doesn’t accept failure and talks mostly about victory, ignoring the catastrophic calamities inflicted upon the Iraqi people and the demise of more than 3000 US soldiers. He is still quite adamant that the military solution in Iraq is the only one to treat the myriad of deep rooted racial and religious problems that his military assault has brought to the surface in the first place.

It is clear that President Bush, irrespective of the daily carnages, does not want to admit failure in Iraq. As a Commander in Chief who does not waver, he affirmed his intention to “Stay the Course” by appointing a team of theoreticians and executives, who would support him in applying a militaristic approach to the problems of the Middle-East. As expected and instead of de-escalation, the new hawkish team came out with a new surge plan, as the last chance, to achieve the elusive victory that all the other plans have failed to achieve.

The surge plan has introduced a new strategy that consists of three steps.

1 – To Clear. Troops to clear suburbs off militarists. Militarists who stand in the way of reconciliation and the unity of Iraq, Sunni Insurgency or Shia Militia/Death Squads. However, this Clearing is exclusively used against the Sunni Insurgency and within Sunni suburbs.

2 – To Hold. Troops to stay after clearing to deny militarists the chance of coming back. A surge of 21,500 soldiers would not be enough to clear and hold all the hot spots in all of Iraq.

3 – To Build. One Billion Dollars is allocated. No serious attempt has been taken to find out where have the 30 Billions Dollars, already spent on reconstruction, have gone.

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