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I want to alert you all to the Austin Peace Action Thursday, July 27th. See below. Also, Code Pink Austin is participating in a rolling fast through September 21 (Bring the Troops Home Fast) with fasters who have volunteered for each day. We’ll try to get publicity for this fast each Friday 5-7 at the Capitol. And as Rich Bowden says below, Willie Nelson is fasting with Cindy Sheehan as well. PLEASE LET FOLKS KNOW ABOUT JULY 27TH.

Alice Embree

Musicians and all People of Peace:(From Thursday, July 27, from 5:30-6:30 pm (rush hour!), Instruments For Peace (a network of Austin musicians and other creative people) invites your participation in a rally on the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge, 1st Street and Lamar, Austin, Texas.

Instruments for Peace is calling for everyone to come and protest the carnage of the ongoing war in Iraq, and the rising tensions in the Middle East. We want as many people as possible to bring musical instruments, banners, home made signs, American flags, etc. and/or costumes. Bring your organizations’ flyers to hand out to joggers. Some ideas: Iraqi flags over child-size “coffins”? Some women will be wearing Iraqi style clothing and will be carrying simulated dead babys. US flag-draped coffins?

Part of the marching brass band from the Million Musicians March are assembling to play. We’re wanting to be as big and loud and creative as possible. A Veterans For Peace banner? A listing of Iraq War casualties? Large signs/banners perhaps can be reused at future events.

Media will be alerted. We encourage folks to alert their media contacts also – and we invite everyone to spread the word via text messaging and email.

Let’s raise our Voices to end the War in Iraq, and focus this event on the innocent civilians, mostly children, who are the victims of our corporate war-making machine.

Instruments for Peace

P.S. Something else you didn’t hear in the corporate media: Willie Nelson is fasting for peace with Cindy Sheehan and thousands of others!

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