Pizzo Begs for No Hillary

From News for Real.

Please, Please, Please Don’t Do This to Us


Do 40% of Democrats really want Hillary? Really? That’s the question I ask myself each time I see polls that say that Hillary Clinton is the choice of 40% of Dems polled. If that’s true I have just one thing to say to those folks:

What the hell’s wrong with you people!? Are you the Democratic party’s version of the GOP’s red state morons – the ones who put George W. Bush in the Oval Office – TWICE? By supporting Hillary you are vying for precisely that sort of infamy.

Listen… and listen well – Hillary zombies — pay attention damn it!

Hillary Clinton is Tom DeLay on estrogen.

And that’s neither a sexist remark or the slightest exaggeration. I’m not talking about her politics, I’m talking about her stone-cold, calculating, triangulating soul.

That woman is not worthy of your support. Hillary is just as mean as Tom DeLay, just as self-centered, and even a more shameless, principle-free conniver. And, as David Geffen told Maureen Dowd, she’s a liar.

Just like Tom DeLay, Hillary has surrounded herself with advisers, handlers and sycophantic gofers that can best be described the poltical equivalent of a mob. Like DeLay’s former political mob, Hillary’s gang is mean, plays dirty and plays for keeps.

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