POETRY : Five by Shane

“Charles Gandy”

You were nothing but a parable to me.
Your sad, short story was the basis for my novel;
my accidental life contrasting with your accidental death.
Looking back, I see there was more to you than a nonsensical ending.
So now I’m gathering up the pages that you left behind.

“Katrina I”

beneath my street clothes

logo emblazoned on chest,

no one the wiser

“Katrina II”

serve others in need

and ask nothing in return,

is its own reward

“Katrina III”

I am overwhelmed

having lost my home and car,

you flood me with hope

“Katrina IV”

the house is gone now

your foundation still standing,

ask her to sit down

Shane O’Neal

The Rag Blog / July 9, 2008

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2 Responses to POETRY : Five by Shane

  1. Mariann says:

    Welcome to a second generation “Ragamuffin”, and thanks, Shane, for this excellent introduction to your work!


  2. Shane O'Neal says:

    Thank you Mariann for turning me on to this creative outlet.

    I’m looking forward to a prolific blogging career.

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