POETRY / Richard Jehn: All the Colour

Truck Road, Welcome, Washington. Photo by author. Click to enlarge.

All the Colour

Driving through a cavern of colour,
Unwittingly watching my life change as the leaves.
For all the times I drove that highandlowway,
Never did I see it so profoundly as that day.

I wanted to believe in God.
That’s how beautiful and moving was the experience.
Knowing that I had answered two key questions
Certainly, for once.

Too long waiting,
But finally the answers.
And with them god-food:
Cajun smoked salmon from the best.

To make a loving dish for someone special,
A Friend so dear, means so much.
The cadence of quiet, the rhythm of soft.
The leaves’ brush of love.

By Richard Jehn
28 October 2008

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4 Responses to POETRY / Richard Jehn: All the Colour

  1. deadpoet79 says:

    beauty always has a way of making us want to believe and hope that it’s nature is absolute.

  2. Richard, I didn’t know you wrote poetry! I loved it!

    I have 2 blogs of poetry; you can always check it out on my profile – now I know that you not only love to cook; enjoy politics, but are a ‘writer’ as well.

    I have albums full of photos very similar to the one you’ve posted; having lived in the beautiful state of Washington for 3 years gave me plenty of chances to capture the beauty of the seasons.

    In fact, I’ve got quite a few of both Port Angeles and Port Townsend as well as Neah Bay – you live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world!

    You mentioned salmon in your poem – I’ll have to send you one of mine about the salmon swimming upstream to his ‘beginning’….I’ll put it in an e-mail when I get a few minutes.

    I’ve got another one on one of my poetry blogs about ‘what is the size of the hole of mesh’…I bet you’d like that one.

    It was good to see something as refreshing as your writings/poetry – a nice ‘change of pace’…..


  3. Mariann says:

    Richard sent me this poem a week or so ago and I’m so glad to see it here with the lovely fall foto — silly man has apparently not written poetry since high school and thought it had “left his life”, not realizing that, like malaria, it is a lifetime affliction! Welcome back to the fever ward, RJ!

  4. Anonymous says:

    thoroughly enjoyed each thought, image, sensation, and beautiful nuance (and flavor…mmmm, Cajun smoked salmon)

    a real brush with love, Richard

    prime that poetic pump


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