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Party Down in Austin!
(And support The Rag Blog)

If you’re in Austin on July 29th, please join us at Maria’s for Rag Blog editor and Rag Radio host Thorne Dreyer’s (66th) Birthday Bash and Rag Blog Blowout. It’s guaranteed to be a fun party and an opportunity for our friends, fans, and followers to get to know each other. (See Jim Retherford’s great poster above.)

The party, open to all, is at Maria’s Taco Xpress, 2529 S. Lamar Blvd., in Austin, Texas, Friday, July 29, 2011, from 6-9 p.m. Maria’s full bar and menu will be available and Flounders Without Eyes will play on the patio at 7. (Dreyer’s real birthday is August 1st — but who’s paying attention?)

There is no admission — and please don’t bring presents (Dreyer would just break them) — but a small tax-deductible donation to The Rag Blog would be greatly appreciated. We depend upon the support of our readers and friends — and if you can’t be at the party, please click here, or on the “DONATE” button on the sidebar — and send us a donation through PayPal or by check.

The Rag Blog is a progressive internet newsmagazine produced by activist journalists committed to social change. We are published by the New Journalism Project, a Texas 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Our mailing address is PO Box 16442, Austin, TX 78761-6442.

Rag Radio, broadcast from 2-3 p.m. every Friday on KOOP 91-7 FM in Austin — and streamed live on the web — is produced at the KOOP studios in association with the New Journalism Project and The Rag Blog. Hosted by Thorne Dreyer, it features hour-long in-depth interviews and discussion about issues of progressive politics, culture, and history. To listen to podcasts of earlier shows on Rag Radio, please go to the Internet Archives.

And, starting Sunday, July 24, at 10 a.m., Rag Radio will be rebroadcast every week on WFTE, 90.3-FM in Mt. Cobb, PA and 105.7-FM in Scranton, PA.

So, we’ll see you at Maria’s. And don’t forget to bring your favorite geezer joke for Old Man Dreyer.

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  1. Happy birthday, Thorne, and thank you for keeping The Rag Blogging!

    Michael Simmons

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