Rag Radio : We Interview Nonviolent Activist Val Liveoak and Author Robert H. Frank

Nonviolent Activist Val Liveoak of Peacekeeping en Las Americas
on Rag Radio with Thorne Dreyer. Listen to it here:

Also listen to New York Times Columnist Robert H. Frank,
Author of The Darwin Economy, on Rag Radio, here:

(Texas Music Hall of Fame Singer/Songwriter Eliza Gilkyson will be Thorne Dreyer’s guest on Rag Radio, Friday, December 16, 2011, from 2-3 p.m. CST on KOOP 91.7-FM in Austin and streamed live to the world.)

Nonviolent activist Val Liveoak.

Val Liveoak
, who was Thorne Dreyer’s guest on Rag Radio Friday, December 9, 2011, is the coordinator and co-founder of Peacebuilding en Las Américas with the Friends Peace Teams. The program promotes peace and healing in countries where the violent legacy of civil war has added to the continued poverty and injustice that sparked the conflicts.

The programs of the Friends Peace Teams build on the Quaker experience, combining practical and spiritual aspects of conflict resolution. Peacebuilding en las Américas currently works in El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Colombia. Val has also done volunteer work with the Alternatives to Violence Project in Bolivia, Cuba, Mexico, Burundi, Rwanda, Canada, and Kenya.

Val Liveoak, who became a nonviolent activist in Austin in the early ’70s, has been named a “Woman of Peace” by Womens’ Peacepower Foundation (2009) and Peacemaker of the Year by the Austin Peace and Justice Center (1986). She has chosen to live below the poverty line and work as a volunteer since the early ’90s and currently lives in an “intentional neighborhood” in San Antonio, when she’s in the United States.

Author and New York Times columnist Robert H. Frank.

Robert H. Frank, who was Thorne Dreyer’s guest on Rag Radio, Friday, December 2, 2011, is an economics professor at Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management, a regular “Economic View” columnist for The New York Times, and a Distinguished Senior Fellow at Demos.

Robert Frank’s latest book is The Darwin Economy: Liberty, Competition, and the Common Good, in which he contends that naturalist Charles Darwin was a greater economist than Adam Smith. In The Darwin Economy, Frank argues against Adam Smith’s theory of the “invisible hand” which says that competition channels self-interest for the common good.

“The uncritical celebration of the invisible hand,” writes Frank, “has undermined regulatory efforts to reconcile conflicts between individual and collective interests…, causing considerable harm to all of us.”

Roger Baker, who writes about economics and transportation for The Rag Blog, also participated in this interview.

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  1. Val has always been the quiet, courageous one, putting her beliefs into practice every day.
    I know I’m not the only other old Ragamuffin who is deeply proud to be even remotely associated with her.
    I am very pleased that Youth Emergency Service, Inc./The Phogg Phoundation for the Pursuit of Happiness, is a supporter of Friends Peace Teams.
    Thanks, Rag Radio, for a great show!

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