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AlQaeda inside the American jails in Iraq
Monday, December 24, 2007

I was so relieved when the Eid passed without dramatic incidents, I was glad that the 50 explosive car attack was just a rumor, thank god that no innocents were killed and Iraqis were able to celebrate their holidays without tragedies.

I was watching TV few days ago when I saw a show that really got my attention, it was on Alarabyia satellite news channel, it was about how AlQaeda had a great influence inside the American jails in Iraq and there was statements from witnesses who were prisoners in these jails, they described how the conditions are, and what is really happening there, it was a real shock to me ….. here is a small part of the show ….. I’ll write about the important things they mentioned ….. I haven’t translated it in the video but I’ll talk about many thing that they said ….. they brought four witnesses and they talked about things I didn’t think was possible, and I believe many don’t know these things too.

Alqaeda is in total control over the American prisons, they have organized cells, they sentence people (prisoners) by laws they make, they kill and torture and there is nothing anyone can do, they even have swords which they use to chop prisoners and cut their heads, they have a Jihad prince who is guarded by many members, who gives orders like he is an army general.

one of the prisoners said”if you go to the jail, you either join them or at least do what they want , or you will be sentenced to death, and if you got out of the jail, you either become an active member in Alqaeda or you will be killed if you didn’t manage to escape from Iraq” he also said “if they saw you holding a cigarette then they will cut your fingers, once a friend of mine was entering the bathroom with his right foot, they cut his head by the sword because they believe it’s a sin!!! he should enetr it by the left one!!!” ” the Americans are watching from the towers but they don’t do anything, and they can’t even if they want”…. another was saying” if you talked about them they will put a bag on your head and then chop you to pieces by their swords” the show presenter asked him about where do they get those swords from? and he replied” some say they made it from the ducts, the AC ducts, some say they got it from outside, I don’t know, but they have an army a full army they have people that can makes them anything including the swords, they even wear masks when they want to kill someone, although every one knows who they are but no one can talk because he will be killed”.

Read all of it here, including a YouTube clip of the AlArabiya piece he mentions.

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