Rumsfeld As Consultant (Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink)

Rumsfeld Cleaning out the Sewer and the People Cleaning out Washington
By Les Blough, Editor
Jan 25, 2007, 20:12

According to a report in the Washington Times yesterday, Donald Rumsfeld has a new job. Yep, he has been given the job of a “non-paid consultant” – with clearance to “review” secret and top secret documents inside the Department of War. It looks like he and his 7 paid staffers have a lot of reading to do. But given Rumsfeld’s famed integrity and ethical record, the thought of destroying any of this material would not occur to him, right? I mean after all, he only has that law suit in Italy to think about and his popularity around the world – and any talk about war crimes are ridiculous – nothing more than “political attacks”, right? Doesn’t this bitter old killer know that he’s invincible? So why worry.

Well, Rummy and his loyal staff better do a good job of finding every “shred” of incriminating war-crimes evidence in those seas of paper, recordings and hard drive data. On the other hand, if they begin to feel overwhelmed, maybe they could call Oliver North in for a few months to help them out. Ollie has some history in the shred-and-purge disorder. You know? … sometimes I think that perhaps we wouldn’t mind so much and it wouldn’t be so goddamned insulting if they just used a little more finesse in lying to us.

But we have to remember that that old boy arrogance has always been co-joined with his brother, ignorance. And the twins have a nasty habit of overstepping themselves. It’s because they are not satisfied with just “winning”. One of the perks of the business is to also derive pleasure from rubbing the faces of the masses in their pile of dung. After all “the masses” have never posed a real threat to these honorable men. They can trust their corporate media to keep the mob divided and stupid. After all, didn’t the RDR (Republican-Democrat Regime) just stiff-arm 70% of the U.S. population who voted against the war in Iraq by escalating the war with 21,500 new troops? Really! Seriously, what are the masses going to do – rebel?

Join us this weekend in Washington as we take our first stand of 2007 to confront them with their war crimes and demand that they end their blood-letting and bring the troops home now. Even better, plan to join us as we Stay in Washington – with the mobilization now underway for March 17 to force the RDR to defund the slaughter. Did I hear someone say they are afraid of going to jail? What lies in store for us and our children and grandchildren in the future in this country will be far worse than jail if we don’t stop our country’s crimes against humanity – and if we don’t stop them – they won’t stop.

When I informed a man in Boston last week about the January 27 demonstration he replied, “Do you really think all these protests have done any good?” “Not when people like yourself – who say you’re opposed to the war – stay home and ask questions like that one”, was my terse reply. Think I was too hard on him? Not as hard as our government has been on Iraqi uncles, aunts, grandmothers, grandfathers, moms, dads, children, sisters and brothers over the last 4 years. (I prefer naming all the relations just to remind myself again that they are not the people whom I see described in the corporate media each day.) Bitter? Nah, bitterness is a negative force. But we all do bear a responsibility to gain control of our rogue government and end their killling spree.

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