Saturday Artist’s Reception

THIS Saturday June 9, at 7:09 pm, the South Austin Museum of Popular Culture (1516 S. Lamar; please park on Collier) will host a reception for Houston community activist, [former] Black Panther, and people’s artist Bob Lee. If you have not seen Bob’s amazing collages, his show will be up all month at SAMoPC; try to make time to get by and see them when you can really study his work.

Saturday night, Bob will be here for the reception. He is an amazing person who has led and continues to lead an amazing life. His fights his multiple sclerosis with old lawnmowers with dull blades, and is a legend in Fifth Ward, which he served until quite recently as honorary Mayor.

Sometime during the festivities — and there are usually music and munchies at these events, and I believe that “American Revolution II” is being screened — I’m probably going to read a few poems, at Bobby’s behest. It would be nice to see some friendly faces there, ’cause y’all all know I’m real shy!

hasta el evento,
Mariann Wizard

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