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US rebuffs Syria, Iran offers
15/11/2006 10:56 – (SA)

Washington – Declaring that “talking isn’t a policy”, the United States rebuffed overtures on Tuesday from Middle East foes Syria and Iran.

“We believe, at this point, that we are engaged in the proper course with respect to Syria, Iran, on all the various issues that are before us,” state department spokesperson Sean McCormack said when pressed on whether Washington is ready to end its silent treatment of the two regimes.

“You know, talking isn’t a policy,” he said.

“Talking and discussion is a mechanism to achieve your policy goals” but we are not there yet, he said.

Pressure has been building on US President George W. Bush to engage directly with Iran and Syria as part of a regional effort to stabilise neighbouring Iraq and permit the gradual withdrawal of US troops from that country.

Talks with the two governments are also seen as potential keys to breaking the stalemate in Arab-Israeli peace efforts.

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