Shame on Canada, Too

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Canada’s Gitmo – ‘Guantanomo North’

It seems the US is not alone in its belligerent, regressive policies.

February 12, 2007 – Mulsim Groups call for inquiry and apology for five men held in Canada without charge for up to 7 years.

“Maher Arar has been rightly vindicated in receiving an apology and settlement for Canada’s part in his ordeal of torture in Syria. But five other Arab-Muslim men currently detained without charges are not being accorded comparable justice,” says a statement released today by Canada’s largest Muslim organizations.

The Canadian Islamic Congress and the Quebec – based Canadian Muslim Forum are calling on Ottawa to act without further delay to resolve the cases of all five Muslim men.

Detained in the Kingston Immigration Holding Centre (now dubbed “Guantanamo North” by Canadian social justice advocacy groups) are:

– Mohammad Mahjoub: an Egyptian refugee with two small children – detained in June 2000;

– Mahmoud Jaballah: an Islamic school principal – detained in August 2001;

– Hassan Almrei: a Syrian refugee who operated a pita shop – detained in October 2001.

And detained under house arrest are Mohamed (Moe) Harkat and Adil Charkaoui.

At present, the three men held in the Kingston Immigration Holding Centre are dangerously weakened and ill from the effects of prolonged hunger strikes to protest their incarceration under CSIS security certificates.

Two other men are still being held under virtual house arrest after being released on bail. All five have been under investigation for periods ranging from five to seven years, yet have never been allowed to examine any of the so-called “evidence” which was used to lock them away from their families and productive lives.

On January 26, Syrian-born Canadian citizen Maher Arar received an official apology from Prime Minister Stephen Harper, along with an out-of-court settlement of $11.5 million, “for any role Canadian officials may have played” in his Extraordinary Rendition to Syria by American officials in 2002.

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