Singin’ On Sunday – Arlin Troutt

Thanks to Mariann Wizard for sending this tune to us.

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3 Responses to Singin’ On Sunday – Arlin Troutt

  1. Larry Trittipo says:

    Great tune! Is this “the” Junior Troutt that played at the Lawrence Park band shell in 1969 in Indiana?


  2. Cathy Troutt says:

    Larry Trittipo was one of Arlin’s close friends. Arlin remembered Larry’s birthday every September but never called him. He said he thinks about his old friends everyday but does not know what to say to them after so much time. The Lawrence Park gig in 1969 was probably Arlin’s farewell to Indianapolis. He graduated with Larry in 1969 and drew #17 in the draft lottery for a free trip to

  3. Mariann says:

    wow, this is indeed the miracle of functioning anarchy: old friends separated since 1969, one of whom is now in Arizona, neither of whom ever (to my knowledge) were ever involved with the Original Rag, reconnect in 2007 through The Rag Blog!

    Cath, I cannot WAIT to see/hear about the books — and I imagine you may appear in one or two of them yourself, Mama!! Keep on truckin’ and singin’!

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