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“In Iraq, we are fighting an immoral war, much the same as Vietnam was 40 years ago. Today’s soldiers, armed with the knowledge gained from watching Sir! No Sir! have the potential to rise up and stop another war that should have never started. Get this into the hands of our troops in Iraq and just wait for the movement to erupt.”
–Tim Goodrich, Co-Founder of Iraq Veterans Against the War

Ehren Watada, Katherine Jashinski, Agustin Aguayo, Mark Wilkerson–The past few months have seen a sharp rise in GI resistance, spearheaded by these and other courageous individuals who are publicly refusing deployment to Iraq and speaking out against the war.

In honor of the growing resistance in the military and as Veterans Day approaches, WE HAVE SLASHED THE PRICE OF THE LIMITED EDITION DVD of Sir! No Sir! from $19.95 to $14.95. If you haven’t yet bought the DVD, now is the time to do so. Buy the film, show it to friends, and organize house and public screenings to support GI and veteran resisters from Vietnam to Iraq.

And let us be the first to announce that the Holidays are just around the corner! Pick up extras for friends and loved ones–especially those serving in the military today. Buy them now at

The GI Movement Trilogy

We are also now offering new books that are essential reading for those who want to support GI resisters–what we call the GI Movement Trilogy:

–Soldiers in Revolt by David Cortright
The first and most thorough portrayal of the Vietnam GI Movement.
–The Spitting Image by Jerry Lembcke
The book that exposes the myth of spat-upon Vietnam Vet.
–Mission Rejected: U.S. Soldiers Who Say No to Iraq by Peter Laufer
The first book describing the experiences of current military resisters.

These books are now available at

We also want to take this opportunity to urge you to buy, watch and spread The Ground Truth, Patricia Folkroud’s incredible film that reveals the brutality of American military tactics in Iraq through the eyes of the soldiers themselves, and chronicles the burgeoning resistance among today’s “War on Terror” veterans.

Act Now

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