Stealing Votes in Texas

BRAZENLY!!! It may be against the rules, but this is Bush country!

Texas Legislation

Which should bother you more, that half aren’t even there, or what happens when they’re not?


It is common practice in the Texas Legislature for our elected reps to vote. Well and good.

But then they have the bad habit of turning to an absent colleague’s desk and they vote for them as well.

Some of them are on camera voting 4 times on the same issue. And many press the buttons for colleagues in the other party. But you have to wonder which way they are voting in that case.

I adamantly maintain that we should clean these things up.

But since I am well aware of the slow pace of political reform in Texas politics, I think we should proceed cautiously. Let us first prohibit voting for somebody of another party.

Then if things go well, we shall be in a position to make the big leap to prohibit voting for anyone else, regardless of their party.

Roger Baker

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