2 Responses to Steve Russell : Big Brother in the Data Mines

  1. baronet531 says:

    Steve, I too worked for NSA, USNSG, for almost 10 years. For me it was the big eye-opener. The things I noticed; 1. NSA was controlled (and still is) by Trilateral Commission. 2. Intelligence reports that went to the Senate Armed Forces Appropriations Committee were false, showing a fantasy level of Soviet capabilities in their surface to surface missiles. 3. They were very likely to sacrifice US personnel to highlight threats when they had more than enough time to stop the attack. 4. they funneled information to the Soviets, allowing them to witness important tests of our systems, gathering telemetry, guidance, tactics and counter measures.

    My overall thought is NSA and probably most of our intelligence gathering institutions are not about national security at all, rather they are the free research institutions of the “elite” of the CFR and Trilateral Commission. The question that came to me was two fold: 1. Why was so much commercial, industrial, financial information being gathered? (who could use this?) 2. Why when US personnel were clearly targeted did the WH not take action?

    Of course i have answers to these questions. They need fear to feed the military industrial complex, and individuals are expendable. there appears to be no such thing as basic human rights.

  2. Steve Russell says:

    Maybe I missed something because I was wearing my standard issue USAF flight cap….which lacks a tinfoil lining.

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