Steve Russell :
METRO | Scalia Files: The truth is out there

Too bad Agatha Christie was not a fellow guest, because there has to be foul play.

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The truth is out there. Photo by Suzanne Tucker / shutterstock.

By Steve Russell | The Rag Blog | February 21, 2016

AUSTIN — An obese 79-year-old man in a sedentary occupation goes to bed early because, he says, he is not feeling well. The next morning, he does not show up for breakfast and, after giving him a reasonable amount of time, the proprietor of the luxury resort enters and finds his guest deceased.

Too bad Agatha Christie was not a fellow guest, because there has to be foul play. The deceased was Antonin Scalia, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, darling of the political right and probably the best writer among the nine justices in terms of reaching non-lawyers.

This would be Occupied Texas, after the feds took over in Operation Jade Helm 15.

This death occurs in Alpine, Texas, rural Texas, far rural Texas, near Big Bend National Park. This would be Occupied Texas, after the federal government took over in Operation Jade Helm 15. Most rural Texas counties have no medical examiner. If an autopsy is needed, it is done under contract by either some other country’s medical examiner or a private doctor.

When I ran for Justice of the Peace in 1975, Austin was no longer rural, but Austin had no medical examiner. It would be part of my job to pronounce people dead and order an autopsy at my discretion. The incumbent invited me to accompany him on “body calls” to get used to having a duty to dead people.

I quickly made it part of my platform to lobby the Travis County Commissioners’ Court to get lower level judges—who did not even have to be lawyers, let alone have medical training—out of the death business. I lost the election, but Travis County did hire a medical examiner.

Alpine is located in Brewster County, and the report of Justice Scalia’s death required a call to one of the three justices of the peace. None of them could be reached. The next call went to Cinderela Guevara, County Judge of neighboring Presidio County, about 85 miles away.

In an interview with Dallas station WFAA, Judge Guevara described how she teased out the story a few words at a time because the cell phone connection kept dropping off. Cell signals, as well as radio and TV signals, are scarce in far West Texas. As luck would have it, she was in Alpine, only about 30 miles from the Cibolo Creek Ranch, where Justice Scalia had come to hunt.

The first part of unraveling the truth will be finding out why the Brewster County justices of the peace could not be reached. Then, perhaps, some patriots could waterboard Judge Guevara and find out who paid her not to make the drive to see Justice Scalia’s body.

The judge’s cover story was that she spoke to the U.S. Marshal and the Sheriff on the scene who told her there were no signs of foul play. Then she had a conversation with Justice Scalia’s personal physician, who informed her that he was in fragile health.

Other clues continued to surface.

So it was that an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court was pronounced dead of natural causes by a person with no medical training who never saw his body. Other clues continued to surface.

♦ The U.S. Marshal is responsible for Scalia’s security, but Scalia allegedly declined protection on this hunting trip.

♦ John B. Poindexter, owner of a business with about a billion dollars of annual revenue and Scalia’s host at the resort, announced that Scalia was found “with a pillow over his head,” raising suspicion that President Obama had smothered Scalia or hired it done. Poindexter later clarified to CNN, “He had a pillow over his head, not over his face as some have been saying… The pillow was against the headboard and over his head when he was discovered.” But the truth was already out.

 World Net Daily, the unimpeachable news source that did so much to break the story about Operation Jade Helm 15 preparing for a federal coup against Texas based in Wal-Mart stores, discovered that co-conspirator Poindexter has in the past made campaign contributions to Democrats.

Liberty News Now reported that Hillary Clinton had Scalia killed so she could appoint Barack Obama to replace him and cited the air tight evidence of Clinton’s reply when asked what she thought of putting Obama on the SCOTUS, “What a great idea.”

Noted Patriot Alex Jones has an
outstanding track record.

♦ Noted Patriot Alex Jones has an outstanding track record. He uncovered the killing of two Las Vegas police officers by Sen. Harry Reid. Jones brought to daylight the federal conspiracy to create homosexuals by spiking children’s juice drinks with artificial estrogen. He outed the U.S. Air Force as the perpetrator of the unusual weather events the liberal conspiracy uses to push the global warming myth.

Jones, with his usual nose for the truth, pointed out, “Obama is one vote away from being able to ban guns, open the borders and actually have the court engage in its agenda and now Scalia dies. I mean, this is hard core.” Everybody knows the SCOTUS can just turn things around on a dime. That stuff about requiring a “case or controversy” and only hearing cases that are on appeal is just so much propaganda.

♦ Speaking of propaganda, another patriot rang the tocsin on his radio show, The Savage Nation. Michael Savage said, “We need a Warren Commission-like federal investigation.”

Everybody knows the first Warren Commission pulled the plug on all those conspiracy theories, right?

Later, Savage informed his guest, Donald Trump, “Donald, you know that just five, six days before Scalia was found dead with a pillow over his face, he was the lead voice against Obama’s attempts to railroad that green gangsterism down our throats, he knocked it out? He was the one who did it.”

Propagandists for the establishment were quick to point out that Scalia was part of the 7-2 majority that affirmed the EPA’s duty to regulate CO2 emissions in the first place, but Savage did not let such details deter him.

♦ Patriot Glenn Beck called in to his own show and assumed the voice of God to inform his co-host Pat Gray, “I just woke the American people up. I took them out of the game show moment and woke enough of them up to say, ‘Look how close your liberty is to being lost.’ The Constitution is hanging by a thread. That thread has just been cut. And the only way that we survive now is if we have a true constitutionalist (as president).” Patriot Beck is supporting Rafael “Ted” Cruz.

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[Steve Russell lives in Sun City, Texas, near Austin. He is a Texas trial court judge by assignment and associate professor emeritus of criminal justice at Indiana University-Bloomington. Steve was an activist in Austin in the sixties and seventies, and wrote for Austin’s underground paper, The Rag. Steve, who belongs to the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, is also a columnist for Indian Country Today Media Network. He can be reached at ]

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9 Responses to Steve Russell :
METRO | Scalia Files: The truth is out there

  1. richard jehn says:

    Ha, ha, ha ….. Stranger than fiction, eh?

  2. Beverly Baker Moore says:

    Well why not. It’s been alternative universe time for a while.

  3. Donna Beck says:

    Great article. Thank you.

  4. X. Pat Tex says:

    So reassuring that Austin remains weird …

    So reassuring that The Rag endures, taking news seriously and not too seriously …

  5. JR says:

    I posted this on Jim Simons’ article. Do you think Oswald acted alone?
    Even if Scalia was a scoundrel and he a hunting partner of Dick Cheney, you should not ignore that he was assassinated. Come on Rag, get your head out! He was declared dead over the phone! Despite what the family wants, he was a Supreme Court Justice. The standard operating procedure is to give autopsies to every wet-back that dies in the desert. Instead of the Lear Jet to Bethesda, one coroner drives the body three and a half hours to El Paso. The body is transferred to another coroner and immediately embalmed. The fluids were flushed into the Rio Grande. Nothing to see here…
    Health care, abortion, immigration, carbon tax, gun control… Even if you are glad he is gone, it is still murder!
    Who gained? Will Clinton put B.O. on the court?

  6. Steve Russell says:

    When the loser Oswald took a job that was a loser for somebody his age it provided the perfect sniper perch.


    That’s amazing until you notice he got the job before JFK knew he was coming to Texas, so the path of the motorcade could not have been an issue.

    Then there was his other adventure in sniping, where he was not so lucky.

    What do Oswald, Bremer, Sirhan, Fromme, Moore, Hinckley, and the Man Whose Name I Will Never Repeat who killed John Lennon have in common?

    Losers, all, and I would add that those who succeeded had to have a lot of luck. Every one either had an inadequate tool for the job or was not very practiced with it.

    It’s hard to believe that a nobody can destroy a somebody…until you look at how many moving parts a conspiracy would take, with substantial rewards for anybody sniffing it out.

    I know the killer. Mr. Ockham did it with his razor.

  7. Steve Russell says:

    If you’ve done yours, you will substantially enrich yourself by publishing it and many best sellers have proven that no relationship to either truth or customary standards of evidence is required.

    I think I’ve done enough research to sketch out a more credible conspiracy than several that have made big bucks. So if you’ve done more, and you don’t share my scruples about fools and their money, you should go for it.

    Actually, I’ve been tempted to take a different tack, with chapters on the Gunpowder Plot, the Reichstag Fire, Babi Yr. the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the sinking of the Maine…you get the idea, I hope.

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