Stop the Dieticians’ Monopoly

We are down to the last two weeks before the bill that will give Dieticians a monopoly in the arena of nutrition is voted on. We need you (and everyone you know) to get involved. It’s pitchfork time!

Below are links that will automatically be directed to your Representative based on your address. Please take a moment and get involved in the process of protecting your right to access nutritional advice from other qualified individuals that may not happen to be Dieticians. If the Dieticians win, only an RD or an M.D. will be able to give advice. Think of all the people that will be affected! All of our personal freedoms are at risk. Please take a moment and click on the below links and contact your representative. It takes only a few minutes. Thanks. Terri Beim, N.D.

Texas Complementary and Alternative Medical Association

Subject: TX Health Freedom – “One Stop Shopping” to contact TX legislature

(Please feel free to send this to interested friends on your e-mail list if you wish.)

Colleagues and Friends of Texas Health Freedom,

Thanks to the unswerving efforts of the clinical nutritionists, we now have “one stop shopping” to express our views on the important bills before the legislature. Simply click on each of the links below and you can send your input directly. The Texas Health Freedom Coalition recommends the following:

Please ask your legislators to vote YES on HB 3056, the Texas Health Freedom bill

Please ask your legislators to vote NO on HB 2419 and SB 1168, the dietitians’ monopoly practice act

Please use the fax form attached to send a fax to the respective committee staff offices to OPPOSE HB 2419 and SB 1168 (the fax numbers are on the forms). Inputs from this many directions create a MASSIVE response to ensure our voices are heard.

Regarding HB 1942, the clincial nutritionists’ title act, please keep in mind the clinical nutritionists are united with us in support of HB 3056 and in opposition to HB 2419 and SB 1168. They have created ALL the communications instruments attached to this message. They have worked diligently to reword their title bill to satisfy their Coalition partners’ concerns (copy of amended bill attached). We know you will vote your own conscience. The Texas Health Freedom Steering Committee, the author of this message, respectfully requests you ask your legislators to vote YES on HB 1942.

Thank you for your support,
Peter McCarthy, ND
Chair, TX Health Freedom Steering Committee
Member Organization, TX Health Freedom Coalition



NO on HB 2419 NO on SB 1168

_Automatic Legislative Email Action Page_ ( (this will go to your individual senator & representative)

VOTE YES ON: (click below)

_Texas LCN Title Act HB 1942 & HEALTH FREEDOM PRACTICE ACT HB 3056 Automatic Email Action Page_ ( (this will go to your individual senator & representative)


Government Reform Committee (RD HB 2419 & HF 3056 have been referred here)

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