Stopping the Iraq War Through Peaceful Action

Feb 23, 2007, 13:23

Editor’s Note: Axis of Logic Endorses the Encampment to Stop the War and we plan to be there from March 12 forward. The slaughter in Iraq continues while the Democrats play with words. Take your stand with us this form of Resistance during the week of March 12, 2007. – Axis of Logic Editors



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Congress is about to vote on Bush’s request for another $245 billion to continue the war against the people of Iraq.

Congress has the Constitutional authority and the moral obligation to stop the war. They cannot hide behind “non-binding resolutions” and press conferences where they criticize the President while promising to continue to fund the war.

The politicians will not stop the war unless we force them to stop it.

We are calling on everyone who can to join us in Washington for an

Encampment to Stop the War, beginning on March 12.

On that day, activists from all over the country will assemble at Congress and demand that they cut off all war funds and bring the troops home now.

Veterans, military families, clergy and religious communities, labor groups and others are all planning to participate with their own creative actions.

Youth organizations are planning direct action throughout the time of the encampment.

We have the opportunity to force the war to end if we act decisively.

How you can get involved:

* Volunteer – Let us know when you will be at the encampment and for how long, what tasks you can help with, and how you can help prepare. Do you have tents, sleeping bags, and other equipment that can be used?

* Get the word out – download leaflets and get them out in your school, union hall, church or mosque, community center, etc.
* Come to Washington on or after March 12

* Donate to help with the expenses of organizing and maintaining an encampment.

Click here for more information.

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