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SPORT / John Ross : World Cup as Bread and Circus

Bread and Circus: Circus Maximus in Rome, which seated 200,000, was the site for massive spectacle designed to keep the masses distracted. Image from Santa Barbara County Education.Copa del Mundo de 2010:The world’s cup runneth over Ever since the bad … Continue reading

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MUSIC / Dynamic Compression : Yes, It Really is Too Loud!

Christopher Clark graphed the peak levels of and RMS levels of three hit songs a year over the past three decades. Here is a link to a PDF of his full poster, “A Visual History Of Loudness.”The loudness wars:Why music … Continue reading

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Avatar : Contradictions of Cameron’s Animation Masterpiece

The contradictions of capital-intensive history:James Cameron’s animation masterpiece The stunning experience of nature, culture, and politics does achieve an important spiritual reversal of the Cowboys and Indians plot. By Greg Moses / The Rag Blog / December 28, 2009 “I’ll … Continue reading

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